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  • Posted May 26, 2017

15 Questions All Runners Have Been Asked By Non-Runners


  1. What’s your mile time?

giphy (2).gif


  1. Will you race me?

giphy (4).gif

  1. What does XC stand for?

giphy (5).gif

  1. Do you think I could beat you in a 5k?

giphy (6).gif

  1. Isn’t it too hot/cold to run outside?

giphy (7).gif

  1. Are you fast?

giphy (8).gif

  1. Do you really need so many running clothes?

giphy (10).gif

  1. Don’t you ever get tired of running?

giphy (11).gif

  1. How many miles did you run today?

giphy (12).gif

  1. Why do you measure races in metrics?

giphy (13).gif

  1. Did you win your last race?

giphy (9).gif

  1. Have you ever run [insert popular race name here]?


  1. Do you just like run everywhere you go?

giphy (14).gif

  1. How fast could you run the 40?

giphy (15).gif

  1. How many laps is that?

giphy (16).gif



18 Aug

The Cross Country Good Luck Box is available… NOW!

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If you’re XC and you know it then good news: we’ve got a box for you! Good Luck Box is proud to introduce our latest cross country box geared towards those of us who ditch the roads for the muddy, hilly and most gritty of cross country courses. Gift one to your favorite 5k crusher


27 Jun

5 Summer Runs Every Runner Experiences

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Summer training is both fun and frustrating. The intense heat and unpredictable humidity can really make or break your workout. The neat thing about summer running is you really never know what you’re going to get. Some days are awesome, some days you are a sweaty mess but as long as you stay hydrated and

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