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  • Posted June 27, 2017

5 Summer Runs Every Runner Experiences

Summer training is both fun and frustrating. The intense heat and unpredictable humidity can really make or break your workout. The neat thing about summer running is you really never know what you’re going to get. Some days are awesome, some days you are a sweaty mess but as long as you stay hydrated and enjoy your training you can conquer each day. Here are 5 summer runs every runner experiences:


The Scorching Hot Afternoon Run

Ahh yes, you forgot to wake up early and it’s already 90 degrees outside, but you’re not about to skip your daily dose of therapeutic pavement pounding. So you lace up your shoes, throw on as little as possible and sweat oceans. You’ll ask yourself at least a dozen times why you did this to yourself but it these kinds of runs will probably happen a few times this summer.


The Spontaneous Rainstorm Run

You’re out on the trails and in the midway through your run a rainstorm starts. Your standard trail run instantly turns into an off roading adventure! Slipping and sliding all over you’re sure to be covered in mud when you get home, but man, it’s a fun run.

The Night Run

Warm summer nights call for epic night runs! With your reflective gear you race through your town dodging cars and taking in the sights. It’s amazing how much better running feels at night–there’s a certain magic to it.


The Ridiculously Humid Run

The minute you step outside it’s like walking into a wall. This is arguably the worst run in the world. Your sweat sticks to you and it’s impossible to breathe. There’s nothing desirable about this run except for the feeling of pure accomplishment when you finish and race to your kitchen for a cold glass of water.


The Perfect Run

There’s maybe one day during the blistering summer when the weather just cooperates. You wake up early and are greeted with a cool breeze, and clear skies. Your pace comes easily to you and you don’t even feel like you’re running–you’re flying! This is the most enjoyable run, it’s the one that reminds you why you love this sport even though it’s not always easy.



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