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  • Posted February 9, 2016

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Luck in a Box

The Lucky =PR= Reston Cherry Blossom Training Group
Photo courtesy of Laurentina Photography

Blog courtesy of Kim Runs Miles with Smiles

After having “snowzilla” wipe out our first long run, first track workout, and any possibility of running on the W&OD trail for our next long run, our Cherry Blossom training group was due for some good luck. Fortunately for us, Good Luck Box came to our run to bring us just that.

Our first stroke of luck was identifying a solid back-up running plan – a mile loop around Reston Town Center. It was a little repetitive for those running longer distances, but it was clear of snow and (second stroke of luck) the weather was gorgeous. Before our group of 60 headed out for our first official run, Good Luck Box shared a sample box with us and raffled it off to one lucky runner (third stroke of luck).

For most of us, this was our first peek at a Good Luck Box. There was a lot of curiosity, as we knew there was a special cherry blossom-themed box designed specifically for our race. The Cherry Blossom box can be ordered at any time, and it will arrive the week before the Cherry Blossom race with a selection of specially-chosen items to support you before, during, and after the race.

The box we previewed was NOT the Cherry Blossom box – the contents of that box will remain top-secret until race week! So, what did our sample box contain?

 The shoelaces say “Good Luck” on the tips

The Roadster Tiger Tail
A great travel-size companion for those sore muscles


Pasta shaped like lucky clovers for pre-race carb loading,
with a recipe for kale pesto

Knockaround sunglasses, a drink koozie, and a card full of race tips

For your fueling needs, Honey Stinger Waffle & Picky Bar (gluten-free!)

Mini Body Glide, Action Wipes for post-race freshening,
Sweat X Detergent for race clothes freshening

For the night before the race – dinner tips and Yogi Bedtime tea
Our lucky raffle winner was Cassie – and she was given a choice: take the sample box, or receive the Cherry Blossom Good Luck Box the week before the race. What did Cassie choose? She chose to wait for the Cherry Blossom Box. A little bird told me some secret tidbits about the Cherry Blossom Box, and I have to say that I think Cassie will be very happy with her choice. What would you have chosen?


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