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  • Posted January 26, 2017

First item revealed: Meb Runs Boston Box

Before we discuss one of the featured items in the Meb Runs Boston Good Luck Box, let’s do a brief recap some of “Marathon Meb” Keflezighi’s accomplishments:

  • 2016 U.S. Olympic Marathon Team
  • 2014 Boston Marathon Champion (first American in over 30 years)
  • 2012 4th place finisher at the Summer Olympics in London in the marathon
  • 2009 NYC Marathon Champion (first American in over 30 years)
  • 2004 Silver Medalist at the Summer Olympics in Greece in the marathon
  • 2000 U.S. Olympic 10k Team

An incredibly impressive résumé, to say the least…

Good Luck Box has partnered up with Meb to give runners a little glimpse into his running world. We created the ultimate Meb Runs Boston box, which includes his favorite products, brands, and items he doesn’t want to race/train without.

One brand included in the box is CEP. Let’s face it, have you ever seen Meb running without his go-to CEP compression gear? We haven’t. Meb trusts CEP compression to deliver top performances during his training runs and races. With CEP calf sleeves included in the Meb Runs Boston Good Luck Box, you can either add to your compression collection or finally give it a shot to see what the rave is all about.

All Meb Runs Boston Good Luck Boxes will ship early April. Limited quantities available.



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