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  • Posted October 27, 2016

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite runner?

Let’s face it, you may never understand why they get up before the sun to sneak in a run. You have no idea what drives them to volunteer to run 3.1, 13.1, or even 26.2 miles… and then want to do it again. What do they even think about while they are out there on the course? What would those endurance athletes want as a gift?

This is where Good Luck Box comes in. You may not understand your favorite runner, but we do. We know how to give these dedicated athletes the extra boost before their race. We know what runners would want for a birthday present or even what’s on their holiday wish list. We know runners.

Our run gurus handpick the best products, tips, and items of encouragement to help the recipient feel jazzed up about running. We handpick the items, so you don’t have to- the items will be a surprise to both the recipient and the sender and tailored towards the occasion.

Let us help you give the perfect gift to your favorite runner. With our newly released holiday themed Good Luck Box, we can take the stress away from your holiday shopping, so you can focus on the important things… like pounding egg nog or hanging mistletoe.

To order the Holiday Good Luck Box, click on “Holiday Good Luck Box” during the ordering process (simple enough, huh?). The Holiday Good Luck Boxes will be delivered during the week of December 19th. If you’d like to receive your holiday box early, send us a message, we can make that happen.


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