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  • Posted January 19, 2017

Meb Shares His Good Luck

Meb Keflezighi partners with Good Luck BoxTM to bring runners extra luck in Boston

WASHINGTON, DC, January 19 – Who doesn’t want a little extra luck before an upcoming race, especially races measuring 26.2 miles? Meb Keflezighi, winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, is making it his mission to spread the good running vibes and is offering runners a glimpse into his go-to race preparation products and advice. Good Luck Box launches the Meb Runs Boston Box so runners everywhere can partake in the luck.

Each Meb Runs Boston Good Luck Box is jam-packed with all things Meb: his go-to running products, items he can’t live without on race day, tips from the legend himself, a recipe for his favorite pre-race dinner, his favorite post race treat, and a few more surprises. Every box will also contain an autographed memento from Meb. Although the contents will be a surprise, all of the items have Meb’s seal of approval.

“I am passionate about supporting others to perform at their best. The Meb Runs Boston Good Luck Box gives me another avenue to do so,” says Keflezighi. “I may not be able to wish everyone good luck before the race, but I’m hoping to reach more people with the Meb Runs Boston box. I’m looking forward to sharing the Boston streets with everyone in April.”

The Meb Runs Boston Good Luck Boxes are on sale now through the end of March. Runners can purchase one for themselves or for a running buddy preparing for any spring race! All Meb Runs Boston Boxes will ship at the beginning of April. Order one soon before the luck runs out.

To order, visit: Meb Runs Boston.



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